Month: December 2016

DIY Termite Control-knowing the basics.

[caption id="attachment_601" align="alignnone" width="225"] DIY Termite Control[/caption] DIY Termite Control is a good way to help protect your home from termites, provided that you have the right tools and enough knowledge to know when your DIY project, should become the task of a trained professional. DIY Termite Control with the

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Termicure-Professional or DIY Termite Baits

The termite industry in Australia is huge, with more activity found the further north you travel. Areas such as the East Coast of Australia are areas where there is a high incidence of termite activity, and termite management in these more common, but there are other areas where termite damage

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DIY Termite Treatment Options-Protection of property

DIY Termite Treatment options are pretty well restricted to two methods: 1-Chemical Treated Zone (chemical Termite Barrier) 2-Termite Baiting Systems The installation of a chemical termite barrier is probably the most successful and lowest maintenance option of all for MOST types of construction. It involves strategic placement of chemical into

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