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DIY Termite Control-Is it a viable option?

DIY Termite control is a bit of a concern for many homeowners, and rightly so.

Even Professional Termite Technicians can struggle to control certain termite infestations, so how do you know if you are being silly with your own DIY Termite Control?

Well one area which can be a safe bet, is by the homeowner installing a quality, professional Termite Baiting System Such as Termicure. Termicure Termite Baits have been specially modified to make the installation and servicing of the stations a viable method of DIY Termite Control.

With clear and simple instructions for assembly and installation, DIY Termite Control is very easy following the user guide provided with each pack. In fact the only difference between the packs sold for professional installers and the DIY Termite Control technician (homeowner) is a that no user guide is provided. Termite Professionals are familiar with the inclusions provided with the Termicure System, and most times, installation for them is simply a matter of repetition.

Limitations on DIY Termite Control… Don’t think that just because certain termite baits are a suitable method of DIY Termite Control, that all aspects of termite control are suitable for the homeowner to undertake. Termite Barrier installation uses large volumes of Termiticides registered on the poisons schedule, and the equipment required for installation is complex and expensive. DIY Termite Control should be restricted to non toxic chemical products where contamination the environments of animals and humans is at a minimum. There are many options on the market which should not be attempted by the homeowner. Reasons vary from the increased risk of attracting termites to a property, to the contamination of our environment and accidental poisoning.

Termiticides can be dangerous, so DIY Termite Control should be restricted to products which are firstly considered safe for humans and the environment, and secondly, effective in managing termites.

Please remember that much of the Termite Specialists training revolves around how to successfully use poisonous products to manage termites, while still maintaining the environment.

For information on the most effective form of DIY Termite Control, please click here.



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