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Which Termite Bait stations should I use?

There are around 35 different termite bait products on the market right now, so how do you know which ones you should be using? Well of the 35 termite baits you can readily buy online, there are probably only 4 systems which have been proven to work efficiently, without just being a gimmick.

Termite Bait stations are only one part of the key. There are a few factors which need to be considered if you want your DIY Termite Bait System to work for you. Firstly, the termite bait stations must be durable and have UV protection to stop them from breaking down in the elements. They need to be sturdy, and sit flush with the top of ground so that they don’t become a target for the lawnmower man. Bait stations should also be discreet. They aren’t a feature, but they still have to be visible whilst blending in with the surroundings.

Termite bait stations need to be easily opened without disturbing fragile termite leads. Termicure Termite bait stations are constructed of toughened UV treated plastic so that they are durable, and won’t break down in the sunlight. They sit flush with the surface of the ground and are a dark green colour to blend in with the environment. Termite bait stations also need to be able to contain enough of the valuable attractant materials, and must also be able to be loaded with enough termite bait matrix to ensure that the attacking termite colony does not consume the whole lot of the bait matrix applied, before the next inspection. Bait stations need to be VERSATILE to suit a range of situations and treatment options to provide you and your home withe the best protection available.

Many termite bait stations on the market are too small in volume to contain enough treatment matrix. Once activity has been found and a termite bait matrix has been added, termites often chew through all of the matrix and then retreat, leaving the colony intact. This is not a good strategy, which is why the Termicure termite bait stations are one of the largest volume in ground bait stations on the market.

The Termicure Termite Bait stations are constructed with a clip on lid, to help prevent breaking temperamental leads inside the station. Twisting simply damages the leads as they come from the exterior soils into the station as the entire termite bait stations moves as the lid is being removed.

The other, most important thing when managing termite bait stations at your property is support. You must have professional support at hand to answer your questions and provide you with the advice which is going to help you protect your home. So many termite bait manufacturers simply sell their product, and leave the homeowner to fend for themselves. When it comes to DIY Termite Bait systems, this is a major. Professional support must be on hand to provide the homeowner with the right advice.

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