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The Viability of a DIY Termite Treatment.

It only takes a quick Google search to find hundreds of options for DIY Termite Treatment, but is it actually going to save you any money, and are the risks associated with the DIY Termite treatment going to put your property in harms way?

Well to explain the term ‘DIY Termite Treatment’ correctly, we are going to run through what options are available, and why the Termicure Termite Treatment options are the safest for your home.

So the term, ‘DIY Termite Treatment’ in real terms, refers to the treatment of an active infestation of termites. This term is often mixed up with what homeowners are looking for to put in place in order to protect their home from termites. The correct term for this is ‘DIY Termite Management’.

A DIY Termite Treatment would include the application of a termiticide to an active termite infestation to a skirting board or internal architrave for example. Now unless the homeowner is qualified to apply termiticides, and experienced enough to ensure the success of the treatment, then this would not be a recommended practice. The same would go for a bait matrix application of a feeding program for the infestation. This type of DIY Termite Treatment can be easily done wrong, causing the termite colony to retreat from the area where the activity is visible, only to go deeper into the building where they can munch away for months without being noticed.

The method of DIY Termite Treatment which we can confidently encourage, is with the installation of a termite baiting system around the exterior of a structure in order to manage the termite activity on a property, and help protect the property. Termite treatment has many variables when dealing with an active infestation. There may be insufficient termite activity to result in colony elimination, termites could simply retreat from the treated zone indicating a successful treatment, but continuing to damage a structure, there are mixing and application issues which can inadvertently cause termites run from the area, and then are contamination issues where dirty hands, powdered gloves or even poor water quality can deter termites from accepting treatment successfully.

DIY Termite Treatment can be a minefield. Installation of a termite baiting system is a form of what homeowners commonly refer to as a DIY Termite Treatment, and this is one of the best ways to save some money at home. Termicure Termite Baits have been specifically adapted to provide the most professional quality outcome, but it’s been redeveloped to be installed and managed by the homeowner with ease. We provide you with simple installation guidelines, so you can’t get it wrong, and then throughout the life of your termite baiting system, we help you to manage everything from identification of termite activity, to successful inspection of attacked stations. Our aim is to prevent the need for any form of DIY Termite Treatment… Remembering that a ‘Termite Treatment refers to the treatment of an active termite infestation. Our goal is to provide you with the tools, knowledge and support to help prevent termites from getting into your home.

Now please remember that we are your resource when it comes to DIY Termite Treatment, and we would never undermine the advice of a termite professional, and an annual termite inspection is a must as a minimum.



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