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Termite Baits-Bunnings and DIY Termite Baits

With the DIY Revolution in full swing, there are thousands of homeowners searching Bunnings for DIY Termite Baits every month. Shows like the block have every second home under renovation, with the homeowner doing as much of the work as possible, in order to cut costs. Not only are the benefits of the DIY trend cost savings, but it offer the homeowner a sense of accomplishment.

DIY Termite Baits are one method where HUGE savings can be made over the professional installs, as long as the product is good quality, and the technical support is there to keep a handle on things. At the time of writing this, there were no comprehensive DIY Termite Baits which we would consider comprehensive. Basic, if not amateur at best with the current system being simply wedge shaped blocks of timber with a plastic cap, suitable for early detection of termite activity. As a DIY Termite Bait, they may be ok, but as a management tool, they are so restrictive with treatment options that you might as well install a decent DIY Termite Bait product which has a variety of options to provide you with real termite treatment results. The aim with any DIY termite baits, is to gain colony control. This is true for any system professionally installed also. Treatment options need to be available depending on the situation. Some species respond to bait matrix feeding over a period of time to indicate colony destruction, whilst others are more successfully spot treated with a termiticide foam. DIY Termite Baits can be treated with both of these methods, however dust treatments have proven to be largely unsuccessful due to the moisture contained within the ground, hindering the flow of the dust and preventing contact with enough critical surfaces and termites themselves.

Termicure DIY Termite Baits have been specifically developed for the Homeowner to use, and gain professional results.

They are suitable for all methods of termite treatment, including the addition of Termiticide rods to the stations. This option can help to reduce the servicing of our DIY Termite Baiting System, and prevent the issues which come with activity disturbance. These Termiticed Rods produced by a third party International Manufacturer, can be found on our website here: If you have any questions regarding the Termicure Termite Baits, please call, or email info@termicure.com.au


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