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Is there a difference between Termite Traps, and Termite Baits?

Something we are often asked, is what the difference between termite baits, and termite traps is… well, they are the same. Termite Monitors, are a different ball game to termite traps and baits, however a monitoring system is a term which is often also misused.

Termite traps and termite baits, are generally an object, or a station with objects inside to attract termites, hence the term ‘bait’. a trap, indicates an object which captures termites, and this is not a goal of any termite management system. A termite trap/termite bait, is an object designed to attract termites, with the sole purpose of providing a treatment option. A termite bait or termite trap with multiple treatment options will have a lid, and contain enough of a cavity to enable the process of feeding, with a registered bait matrix, or a dust or foam application. The difference between a termite monitoring system, is that unlike the termite trap/bait stations, their sole purpose is to indicate the presence of termites. This is a nice thing to know, but it does not allow facilitate the eradication of a termite colony once detected, like termite traps.

I guess it could be similar to having a security camera on your property, without locking the front door, or at least providing a method of management. Realistically, termite traps and termites do both. They will provide you with a good indication that there might be termites on the property, but the termite traps and baits enable you to do something about it.

The termite cure termite baits, or ‘termite traps’ as they can be known, are a professional termite bait system, which has been specifically designed to allow the homeowner to easily, and successfully monitor and eradicate an attacking termite colony from their home, and you can read more here.




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