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Termite Baiting Systems-Exterra V Termicure Gen2

There are many different Termite Baiting Systems currently on the market. Many of these systems have been developed for professional use, which means that a certain level of experience is required to correctly install, service and maintain the systems.

Exterra Termite Monitoring stations were among the first of the baiting concept stations released in to the market, and to this day, they are strictly only available to pest management professionals as a fully serviced and maintained termite baiting system. This particular Termite Baiting system is only sold as serviced installation, and usually under a tight contract between the installer and homeowner. The Exterra is probably the most popular of the professional termite baiting systems, and has been used for around 25 years. Their stations are large, and contain 6 small Victorian Ash (or Tazmanian Oak) timber’sticks’ called interceptors to provide a food source for foraging termites. An attractant called ‘Focus’ can be added to these stations to help aggregate termites into the stations for feeding. Whilst the stations are large and provide excellent facilities for adding their specific Bait Matrix called Requiem, they are not to be used for any other feeding method or treatment method. Requiem is a good quality bait matrix, and this termite baiting system comes with excellent framework for the pest manager to profit. The stations are quite large with a good sized feeding cavity.

So lets get into the specifics, and some finer detail when we compare The Exterra Termite Baiting System to the Termicure Gen2 Termite Baiting System.

The Termicure Gen 2 Termite Baiting System stations are similar in volume to the Exterra Stations, with a good sized feeding cavity. The attractant materials combine two timber species incorporated into the station and are set up for direct soil contact to enhance the attractiveness to foraging termites. The timber slats, are of two species instead of just the Vic Ash as some species of termite are more partial to pine, than hardwoods, so we have included one Radiata Pine slat as well. There is also a role specific CellTab included in each station to as a turbo booster for the attractiveness of the station. These CellTabs release large amounts of CO2 as they break down, which is like a beacon to the foraging termite.

Not only is there significantly more attractant materials, purposely packaged corrugated cardboard pieces, form a faster breakdown of materials and produces even more CO2 within the station and surrounding soils. The final material included in the Termicure Gen2 Termite Baiting System is the high density polystyrene blocks. These are a highly palatable item which termites are much slower to devour. The purpose of these blocks are for retention. In cases where extreme termite activity attacks a station, in many cases there simply are not enough materials to keep them active in the station long enough for treatment.

Theres no point having termite baits if they aren’t going to last long enough to apply a treatment. In total, the Exterra attractant materials totals approximately 110grams of Victorian Ash timber, compared to the more generous 175grams of a variety of palatable materials in the Termicure Gen2 Termite Baiting System.

The Termicure Termite Baiting System stations have also been developed using a clip off lid, instead of a screw type motion. As termites are so temperamental, and their leads into the station through the soils can be so easily broken, we have found that the screw type motion required for removal of the Exterra lids, can result in damage to termite leads, and prevent transfer of baiting materials back to the colony.

So, there’s a bit of a rundown on the comparison between Australias most popular Professional Termite Bait System, and between the Termicure Termite Baiting System.

-The Termicure termite baiting system is used for both professional and DIY installations.

-The Termicure Gen2 Termite Baiting System contains more than a third more attractant materials.

The Termicure Temite Baiting System is dynamic, and can be used for multiple termite treatment methods including dust applications, foam or liquid spot treatment, conventional bait matrix application and feeding, and the latest Active Termiticide Installation.

-The Termicure Termite Baiting System provides ongoing support and advice for homeowners and DIY management.


By no means are we writing off the Exterra Termite Baiting System. It is a well proven and popular Professional Termite Baiting System, but is not suitable for DIY or homeowner use.

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