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Termicure Termite Bait stations V Green Termite Baits

Termicure Termite Bait stations have been developed with professional results as the primary focus. With this ultimate goal in mind, we adapted the product slightly so that it’s perfect as a simple and supportive DIY Termite Management program.

We’ve purposely taken a professionally installed and recommended Termite Bait system, and adjusted it for simplicity, so that the homeowner can confidently manage the termite pressure on their property. Not only have we made a professional termite bait available for the homeowner or DIY individual, but we’ve also provided a flexible set of options depending on your level of comfort in dealing with termites.

The Termicure termite Baits are dynamic in the fact that we’ve enabled multiple treatment options. From the conventional and proven termite feeding process with a registered and non toxic bait matrix, to the liquid, foam or spot treatment, Termicure Termite Baits have been developed so that no matter what technology is introduced, we’ll make sure that the most effective treatment solutions can be utilized with out Termite Bait System.

We’ve spoken about the quality of other systems, such as the Exterra Termite Baiting System, and we’ve explained that whilst it is a tried and proven system, it really is a professional product without the support for the homeowner. So the next comparison, is with the ‘Green’ Termite Baits.

The Green Termite Bait product has been a popular DIY Termite monitoring system for some time, now, however this is exactly why we’ve chosen to describe it as a monitoring product, and not a baiting product, as such.

Due to the simple design and installation of the Green Termite Bait, it has been a successful DIY product, however it is extremely rigid in the fact that there are very few treatment options for this product. Traditional Termite Bait applications or treatments involve mixing and adding a termite bait matrix to a bait station, which is capable of holding a mixture whilst maintaining a level of moisture by being an enclosure. Put simply, with the Termicure Termite Bait Stations, a termite bait matrix can be added to the station, and the lid replaced to provide a secure feeding station capable of maintaining suitable conditions for hungry termites.

The Green Termite Bait stations are incapable of adding a conventional termite bait matrix for feeding purposes, as they have no cavity for it to be applied to. This fact alone, restricts the treatment to a spot treatment, which may not be considered acceptable by many termite professionals.

Like the Exterra Bait stations, the Termicure Termite Bait Stations provide a cavity, large enough in volume to add sufficient bait matrix for up to 3 weeks without topping them up.

Unlike the Exterra Bait Stations, the Termicure product can be used for spot treatment, traditional termite feeding and the latest in termite management technology, the ‘Always Active’ Termiticide rods.

So when comparing termite bait stations for your property, make sure you look into all options available to you, to ensure that you’re providing yourself with the best opportunity at reducing the risk of termite attack on your home.


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As always, further information on the Termicure Range of products is available at our website.


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