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What Termite protection options? Termite Barriers, or Termite Baits Sunshine Coast.

Termite Management options on for existing properties north of Brisbane, will be restricted to Termite Barriers (Chemical Soil Treatments ) and Termite Baits Sunshine Coast. In fact, no matter where you are, there are really only 3 options when it comes to termite management for existing homes. In certain areas, and with variable construction types, there are 3 main types of Termite Management Systems. Physical Termite Barriers, Chemical soil treatments (known as a chemical Termite Barrier) and the Termite Baits for the Sunshine Coast area.

One of the major fallacies, is that if you have a physical termite barrier installed at your home, then your house is protected from termites. This is simply not true. A Physical Termite Barrier (We’ll use Termimesh as an example as it is a well known and common product) is installed around pipework before it is encased in concrete to stop termites from penetrating through concrete slab. It is also installed around the perimeter of a slab, prior to any framework or brickwork being installed. It is designed to be visible at all times, even after the exterior finishings have been applied, and it is designed to push terms to the exterior of a building, before being able to attack the timber above this part of the structure.

So what this means, is that if you aren’t keeping an eye on the perimeter of the building (the visual inspection zone), termites can freely enter the structure and infest the structural and dress materials inside the building. There is no protection from termites, and nothing in place to eradicate termites on your property.

This is where The Termicure Termite Baiting Systems come into their own. The Termicure Termite Baits facilitate full eradication of foraging termites, which reduces the activity on your property to protect the building. Termite Baits Sunshine Coast are a great option as a backup to any Physical Termite Barrier.


No Matter what system you have protecting your home, Termite  Baits Sunshine Coast are an important backup to any existing protection you might have, no matter whether chemical or physical barriers in place, Termicure Termite Baits can eradicate termite activity on your property to stop your Sunshine Coast Home from being infested with termites.

Termicure Termite Baits…Every Sunshine Coast Home should have them.


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