Month: November 2017

Brisbanes Best Termite Protection, and it can be DIY.

Brisbanes best Termite protection for a range of property styles will be a Termicure 'Active' Termite Baiting System, which can be installed by a professional as a fully monitored and serviced Termite Management System, or as a DIY Termite Management System. The only difference is the price... The Termicure 'Active'

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DIY Termite Treatment-Termicure Solutions

There is a common through around Australia, the DIY Termite Treatment is an inferior option for managing termites on your property. Well this simply is not the case with the introduction of the 'Always Active' Termiticide Rods contained within the Termite,micure 'Active' Termite Baiting System. If you have termites on

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Termicure Termite Baits-The Revolution

Traditional Termite Baits have facilitated been a slow and painful process  to attract and eradicate attacking termite colonies. Marred by human error, attacking termite colonies are often disturbed with excessive motion of the termite bait station during station checks, poor service where professionals actually fail to check stations, and contamination

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