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Termicure Termite Baits-The Revolution

Traditional Termite Baits have facilitated been a slow and painful process  to attract and eradicate attacking termite colonies. Marred by human error, attacking termite colonies are often disturbed with excessive motion of the termite bait station during station checks, poor service where professionals actually fail to check stations, and contamination of bait matrix during feeding. All of these issues are caused by the need for human interaction, and most of these issues have been solved with the introduction of the ‘Always Active’ Termiticide Rod.

Termiticide Rods negative the need for manual feeding of active termites. Instead of loading termite bait stations with timber to attract activity, then inspecting stations to determine whether activity is present before adding a bait matrix to commence the feeding process, the Termiticide Rods attract and feed the colony in one simple step. The feeding colony is then eradicated without the need for further human interaction.

Termicure has integrated our purpose built bait stations with the Termiticide Rods to present this groundbreaking option to the DIY termite protection market.

So here is a breakdown of some of the differences between traditional baits and the Revolutionary Termicure ‘Active’ combination.

Traditional Baiting Proceedure:

1-Install termite baits as per Manufacturer Specs. (average 2-3 hours)

2-Monitor termite baits for activity approximately every 4-8 weeks.

3-Mix and feed active termites every 2 weeks for up to 12 months until colony eradication. (Approximately 1/2 hour every 2 weeks, up to 26 times per infestation)

…So this is a simplified version of the typical Termite baiting process.

Termicure ‘Active’ procedure:

1-Install Termicure Bait stations including Termiticide Rods (average 2-3 hours)

2-Monitor termite baits approximately every 3 months. If Termite Activity is present, simply close the lid and check again in 1 month.

3-Replace Termiticide Rod once it has been depleted by half. (5 minutes)


So as you can see, the steps are similar, however there is no mixing of bait matrix, and no requirement for ongoing feeding. This reduces time for the technician or homeowner and also the factor of human error which occurs up 30% of the time with professional attention, or around 60% with homeowner treatment.

So when you compare the Termicure Termite Baiting System, with Nemisis, Extra, Green, Termitrap, Envirobug, Advance, or a variety of other systems, you may not be advised of the key difference. As far as DIY Termite Baiting Goes, you really should be insisting on the Inclusion of Termiticide Rods in your system.




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