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DIY Termite Treatment-Termicure Solutions

There is a common through around Australia, the DIY Termite Treatment is an inferior option for managing termites on your property. Well this simply is not the case with the introduction of the ‘Always Active’ Termiticide Rods contained within the Termite,micure ‘Active’ Termite Baiting System. If you have termites on your property, then you want to keep them from entering your home or shed and causing damage, so introducing a quality Termite Management System is basically a necessity for all homeowner.

We will never advise against having a termite professional undertake inspection of any property, nor should active treatments inside a structure be performed by a homeowner as it can take many years of experience to identify and eradicate an active termite infestation within a structure, but installing a management system to protect your home is different. DIY Termite Treatment of an active termite baiting system can be easily undertaken with the right products and information available. Wherever possible, handling treatment products should be kept to a minimum unless you are a qualified termite professional, but the Termicure ‘Active’ System is different. Unlike conventional termite baiting systems, the Termicure ‘Acvtive’ System utilises advanced Termiticide Rods, which are installed into the termite baiting stations at time of system installation. This means that the food source containing the product to eradicate an attacking termite colony is installed prior to termite activity being identified. This means that disturbance of active termites is not an issue.

Active Termite Baits. This is a Termicure ‘Active’ Combination installed into concrete.

DIY Termite Baits have been solid for many years, and they all run off the principle that once termites have been identified in a station during a routine check, a treatment product is mixed and applied to the activity. This matrix which has been applied is then re applied until termite eradication is assumed with the gradual reduction in termite numbers feeding over months. So this process is open to human error, is prone to failure as many station checks are neglected and termites simply consume all of the attractant materials and then proceed to move into the house.

What the Termicure ‘Active’ System does, is remove multiple steps from the baiting process to make it simple for DIY Termite Treatment. All you need to do is install your stations with the Rods included, and check to ensure that the rods have not been consumed every 3 months Thats it.  The materials that termites are searching for (cellulose) is contained within the rods, so the product provides them with a satisfying food source, but it’s also poisoning the entire colony as it feeds.

Active Coptotermes Soldier displaying displaying latex from head

The Termicure ‘Active’ System is truly a viable DIY Termite Treatment option which is extremely simple to install, maintain and manage. It’s a unique DIY Termite Treatment system which has been built to prevent inexperienced users from upsetting the treatment process, and providing homeowners with a high level of control over termites on their property.

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